am humbled more today than the day before with each passing day. I am humbled with how the Lord works and how faithful he is to his children. I am humbled by His love and comfort and for the people that have been walking through this journey with me and offering their love, support and smiles along the way. With much encouragement and feedback from friends and loved ones I decided that it was time to start blogging and putting pen to paper as I share the incredible journey the Lord continues to bless me with.

2 months ago I was diagnosed with a disease and autoimmune disorder that attacks my spine, neck, hips and all the joints in my body (even my eye weirdly enough). I am receiving treatment weekly by getting injections in my abdomen. Due to the intensity of the shots my abdomen has been bruised from the injections but I know its worth it no matter how painful they are. The medicine is extremely strong which weakens my immune system while being on it so I have a very high chance of getting sick easier. The medicine also has some other serious side affects that I have already begun to live with and ones I hope do not develop.

 Though many don’t understand, I can honestly say there is joy in suffering and there is genuine hope and comfort in the battle. As I look back at the timeline of this health issue it spans back 5 years ago with two hip surgeries… than 5 months ago my first ER visit…. then 2 months ago being diagnosed and now almost 2 months of treatment completed! :)

As I look back over these years and now months my heart is filled with so many emotions as I sit at the foot of the cross humbled, amazed and comforted by our sweet and gracious Lord. Each day I fall more in love with him and this blog is in hopes of sharing and capturing what he teaches me along the way.

From my heart to yours here is to the journey and the stories we are to encounter along the way

<3 B.